All kind of choices! Served with your choice of two of the following: fries, green beans, coleslaw, baked beans, parsley potatoes, fried okra, baby bakers, corn on the cob, garlic toast, hushpuppies or jalapenos hushpuppies (Garden or Caesar salad add $1.99). Add to any dinner five fried shrimp $3.99 or one piece of fish for $4.99.

  • Famous White Fish

    • $10.99

    Our Tender, mild Swai farm raised white fish. Served beer battered fried, broiled or blackened.

  • Mahi-Mahi

    • $13.99

    This tender, mild whitefish, seasoned to your liking with your choice of lemon pepper, jerk, or blackened season.

  • Sea Scallops

    • $23.99

    Large tender sea scallops ether beer battered fried, or broiled to perfection.

  • Coconut Breaded Shrimp

    • $14.99

    Large fan tailed coconut shrimp, fried golden brown, served with our house made orange marmalade sauce.

  • Shrimp Dinner

    • $13.99

    Succulent, hand peeled shrimp served broiled or fried.

  • Clam Strips

    • $11.99

    A splendid serving of tasty deep fried clam strips.

  • Italian Chicken Breasts

    • $11.99

    Twin chicken boneless, skinless chicken breast marinated in Italian herbs and spices, grilled to perfection.

  • Black Angus Ranch Steak

    • $13.99

    Our lean 8 ounce tender steak, grilled to order.

  • Maryland Crab Cake Dinner

    • $16.99

    Our crab cakes are handmade and delicious. Made with Troff's special recipe.

  • Alaskan Snow Crab

    • $27.99

    One and a half pounds of Alaskan snow crab with delicate shoulder meat.

  • Yellow Fin Tuna

    • $14.99

    Sashimi style tuna cooked to order, seasoned with your choice of Jerk, teriyaki, grilled or blackened.

  • Fried Oyster

    • Market Price $

    Fresh shucked oyster, hand breaded and deep fried.

  • Add to Any Dinner

    A little extra you can add anytime.

  • 5 Fried Shrimp

    • $3.99
  • 1 Piece of Fish

    • $4.99